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What is OSMOSIS?

Reverse osmosis is the process by which a physical separation of the particles of he water from impurities is done.

To perform this process some special machines are needed to purify the water in 5 phases.

Domestic Osmosis

Currently, we offer the following domestic equipment for osmosis :

Reverse Osmosis Compact

  • Machine EVO Compact.
    • Deposit of steel with plastic lining of 8 liters.
    • Size: 42 x 24 x 44 cm.
    • Membrane of 50 GPD Filmtec.
    • Postcartucho of coal in line.
    • Kit – faucet with ceramic valve of stainless steel.

Osmosis 5 Stages Standard

  • Machine EVO standard.
    • Steel tank of 14-litre plastic coated.
    • Membrane filter holder and membrane 50 GPD.
    • Postacrbon in line 2″ x 10″.
    • Chrome faucet with ceramic valve.
    • Check valve of stainless steel.

Industrial Osmosis

There is a wide range of machines and possibilities. Depending on your needs, we will study it and tell you what is the industrial osmosis most appropriate.


  • Osmosis equipment do not require any type of work to be installed.
  • The osmosis machine is installed in 15 – 20 minutes.
  • The installation of the industrial osmosis machines varies depending on the system.


We repair any type of machines, whether domestic or industrial, and perform for its correct operation and commissioning.


We offer full 2 year guarantee (only to new equipment).

Do you want a osmosis domestic or industrial machine?

Call free at 900 41 41 41 and request your budget

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